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Commercial Development

Commercial Development continues to be strong in Montgomery. The Village was very fortunate back when the housing boom hit the suburbs almost a decade ago. Commercial Development found a new home in Montgomery and started to explode. Major retailers like JC Penney, Menards and Wal-Mart opened in 2007. As the market slowed down and with new housing almost coming to a complete halt, the interest in Montgomery continued, but at a much slower rate. The residents were still being underserved and wanting to stay in their own community to shop. Quality development took a lead over quantity.

The Village Board, elected officials, staff, and the MEDC office, worked hard to make the development process easy and business friendly. The community reached out to the developers and business owners to find out what could be done to stir development during these tough times. The planning commission also took an active role to address the economy when variations and restrictions hurt the development process. These efforts helped make Montgomery the best choice to do business, when relocation experts were scouting the region. The Village and the MEDC also took a proactive role in seeking new development opportunities reaching out to retailers and developers.

Buona Beef, EarthMover Credit Union, Goodwill, National Tire & Battery and Sonic became new residents to Montgomery at the Ogden Hill Development. Ogden Hill is located at Route 30 and Ogden, or Route 34. This commercial center was developed by the Inland Real Estate Development Group and continues to bring new development to Montgomery. McAlister’s Deli opened in 2020. The Village welcomed Sam’s Club in 2014 and continues to draw shoppers from not only Montgomery, but from the surrounding communities as well. In 2018 Walmart closed 63 Sam’s Club stores, but Montgomery’s store continues to thrive in Montgomery. In 2019 a new upscale apartment complex began construction and is now available. There are also several strip centers Montgomery – 1240 Ogden Retail CCK AP (003).

One of the most recent commercial developments in Downtown Montgomery include The Gray’s Mill Estate, which includes a bar, restaurant and banquet facility. Please see: The Gray’s Mill Estate for details:

Many of the high traffic count corridors continue to be underserved in the commercial and retail market. This includes Orchard road, Lake street and Route 30. This makes Montgomery a perfect opportunity for continued retail and commercial development. Land on Orchard has recently sold in 2021 with another automotive opportunity. The brand new Day care facility closed due to Covid, however that property is ready for a new development: See the attached listing sheet for the 10,000 square foot facility developed by McVicker’s.  BBC TLE flyer 2021-10-12 Plans have been reviewed and new development in the works includes a series of gas stations and restaurants still seeking opportunities in the area. The hotels in the area continue to be at full occupancy and Montgomery is a prime location for a new hotel and more sit down restaurants. The Park district, Stuart Sports Complex and Aurora University are just a few of the expanding entities needing Hotel accommodations. Current development proposals can be found on the Village web site or call the MEDC office to get the latest details.

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