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Business Climate Enhancement Committee (BCEC)

Meets: 2nd Thursday of every other month starting in January 2017.

Time: 8:30-9:30

Location: 200 Webster Street, MEDC Office Board room


The BCEC was formed in November of 2008, under the direction of Brian Dolan from Dolan and Murphy and Daniel Caballero, CFO of Gusto Packing. Over the last nine years the committee has been the driving force behind a variety of projects including the expansion and widening of Orchard road. Under the direction of the late Jesse Vasquez, the committee worked with the business community and Kane County to fast-forward the project. Over the last eight years, the committee added a street clean up movement, research on a variety of subjects that can help improve the community. This includes addressing zoning codes, sign permits, special use permits and any obstacles that may be hurting the building or development process.  Joining the MEDC and being a part of the BCEC opens the doors to being a part of making a difference in this community along with other benefits and activities.

Committee Mission Statement:

To provide a forum for collaboration among those with public and private technical expertise that allows for an idea and information exchange that may be useful in progressing specific issues such as property development, infrastructure improvements, business expansion/relocation, incentive enhancements and tourism opportunities.

Committee Chair, Membership and Attendance Terms:

  1. The Committee will be chaired and co-chaired by a member of the MEDC Executive Board.
  2. The MEDC Executive Director shall facilitate scheduling, agenda and program preparation, and minutes of the meetings.
  3. Village staff, preferably the Director of Community Development, will be welcomed and requested as an active participant in the committee and the chair/co-chairs and Executive Director will work with the Village staff to provide a productive and collaborative discussion and outcome from meeting discussions.
  4. The BCEC will consist of up to fourteen (14) standing members, appointed for a two-year term, and renewable.
  5. Attendance will open to any member of the MEDC in good standing and/or by invitation of an active member in good standing.

Committee Duties:

  1. The BCEC has no authority over the policy direction of the MEDC and, when appropriate, will make recommendations to the MEDC Executive Board which votes on policy or other matters as recommended by the committee.
  2. The BCEC will hold a minimum of quarterly meetings.
  3. The BCEC will permit attendance only by those individuals/businesses who are members of the MEDC in good standing, except for guest speakers or invited guests.
  4. The BCEC will consider local impacts of regional tourism efforts, as well as assist in the furtherance of Montgomery “visitations”/tourism through collaboration, retention and attraction efforts.
  5. The BCEC will review, discuss and recommend ideas that may provide incentives for business location, expansion and retention.
  6. The BCEC will act as the MEDC’s “Rapid Response” team of experts to review and assist with Montgomery businesses with identified issues, especially as they may pertain to real estate, transportation, access, or relocation issues. Any MEDC Executive Board Member who does not regularly serve on the BCEC, may also be called upon in these efforts.
  7. The BCEC will host at least one joint business-government discussion annually for the membership, including topics such as real estate development, transportation improvements, regulation and permitting, and government contract procurement.
  8. The BCEC will review and promote the furtherance of key infrastructure projects that will enhance Montgomery’s business climate. This will include promotion of advantageous relationships with County and State Transportation Authorities and decision-makers.
  9. The BCEC will work closely with the Village to generate support and financial backing.
  10. The Committee will leverage its member knowledge to provide constructive input and insight for the Village on any pending zoning or other regulatory amendments; comprehensive or sub-area planning efforts conducted by the Village; and other key projects relating to economic development.
  11. The Committee will collaborate with the Village and its GIS resources to develop and/or guide the development of key marketing materials such as traffic patterns, population clusters (by age, buying power, etc.)